Our approach

Our versatility is reflected in our own P + O formula. This approach links the P from Personnel with the O from Organisation. The + (plus) symbolises the link between the two and the added value of APB. In our vision, the P and the O are inextricably linked. By combining these two work areas, we find the root cause of a problem and provide a structural solution, rather than just looking at the short term opportunities.

Together we find your troubles, perform a quick and accurate analysis and advise you about the solution. With your permission, we solve this problems right away. This approach is used since 1986!

We are not specialized is one specific sector or branch, but our experience through all these years provide us the knowledge we need. Our knowledge and skills are always up-to-date with weekly meetings and seminars. Ask one of our consultants a question and thanks to our small and solid team, you get an answer from the whole consultancy.

Adviesbureau APB can support you in four different ways:


Execution & Implementation: made to provide measure advice provided in consultation. APB does more than just offer consultancy! We like to implement our advice in a pragmatic way


our consultants can work on projects based on site or from one of our offices. It is important that you and our consultant get along well. Our relationship is based on trust, knowledge of our sector/branch and it is essential that our consultant fits into your culture.


Hiring an APB consultant to work in your business can be the solution for a temporary capacity shortage in your HR department or for the implementation of a project.

Outsourcing & subscription

You can outsource all of your HRM, enter into a labour law subscription or make organisation-specific arrangements with us.