This website describes APB’s services and approach. Here is the (legal) information associated with the use of this website or APB’s services.

APB, B.V. Adviesbureau Personeelszaken Begeleiding APB, strives to provide correct and up to date information on this website but cannot guarantee that this information is still correct, complete or up to date in the long term or at the time when this website is visited. B.V. Adviesbureau Personeelszaken Begeleiding APB therefore accepts no liability for the consequences of (non) action based on the contents of this website.

General terms and conditions

All our services are subject to our general terms and conditions. These will automatically be sent to you but they are also available from APB. The general services and terms and conditions are filed with the Chamber of Commcere in Breda under number 53091744.

Website regulations

The following regulations apply to the use of the website www.apb.nl by the user. The aim of this website is to introduce B.V. Adviesbureau APB (hereinafter APB). This website informs the visitor about the activities of APB and about the organisation itself.

The rights related to this website, including image material, photos, pictures, source code, etc. are owned by APB, insofar as these rights are not owned by third parties. Visitors to this website are not permitted to copy, reproduce or edit any part of this website for any reason whatsoever.

The use of the name of APB, reference to APB on any site or links from and to www.apb.nl are not permitted without prior written permission from the board of APB.

APB strives to ensure that this website is constantly accessible to everyone. APB cannot guarantee complete and correct operation at all times and in all circumstances. APB has no influence over the computer systems and telecom connections with which the website is visited. APB therefore does not accept any liability for any consequences whatsoever of any faults. This website has an exclusively informative character. The contents of this website and the information provided by this website therefore cannot be considered a service for the visitor or user.

The information on this website is of a general nature and is not specific to the visitor of the website. APB does not therefore accept liability for (non) action based on the information referred to. If necessary, we recommend that the visitor contacts APB.

APB protects the privacy of its users. You can visit the APB website completely anonymously. No data is consciously registered. Your data will only be passed on to APB if you contact APB through this website. APB makes every reasonable effort to handle this information confidentially. APB complies with current privacy legislation in force in the Netherlands. As such, APB acts according to the Personal Data Protection Act. Our reference with the Data Protection Board is M 1044371.

APB has no influence on the electronic data exchange that takes place between sending and receiving hardware. An error may occur during this exchange. If you send a message via this website, we therefore advise you to send this message by post or fax as well.

APB strives to keep this website as free as possible from harmful elements such as viruses, etc. APB does not accept any liability for the consequences of visiting this website to your computer hardware or software. When providing your (personal) data, for example on your CV, we assume that you are familiar with APB’s privacy regulations and general terms and conditions. You should also do your utmost to ensure virus-free data exchange, avoiding damage to APB’s system. If APB’s system is damaged as a result of viruses sent by or through you, APB reserves the right to claim damages from you in full.

If you use the link referred to on the APB site to an external site or organisation, APB is in no way responsible for the contents of that site or address.

APB reserves the right to amend these regulations if required by changes in the policy, business operations, the law or judgement. If you have any questions or comments about our internet policy, send an e-mail to info@apb.nl stating “internet policy”.

APB Data

Adviesbureau APB b.v. has its registered office in Roosendaal and is referred to in this website as APB and Adviesbureau APB.
APB is registered with the Chamber of Commerce under Trade Register number 53091744.
The bank account number with the RABO bank is NL11 RABO 0306 8325 85
VAT number is NL00850742924.B01.